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BBQs 2U – Is Buying Ooni Oven or Kamado Joe Worth?

 BBQs 2U is an independent retailer and affiliates with BBQ manufacturing brands like Kamado Joe, Ooni, MasterBuilt Gravity, and Napoleon. The business is family owned and everyone in the family is passionate about barbequing. They have a lot of grilling knowledge that they keenly share with their customers.

Feel lost with the kind of oven to buy and want impartial advice then contact the dedicated team at BBQs 2U. Keep a check on Ooni Koda 16 deal bundle! Obviously, Koda 12 is cheaper but cooks 12” pizza. Koda 12 has temperature and ignition control at the back and linear burners along the rear.

Koda 16 has temperature and ignition control at the side and L-shaped burners along the side and back. Koda 12 needs pizza overturned within 20 seconds, while Koda 16 needs less frequent turning. Both are great ovens with foldable legs for easy storage and portability. Both reach maximum temperature and cook restaurant style and killing pizza in 90 sec.

Ooni Fyra is a wood-pellet-fuelled pizza oven and a good option for beginners. Wood pellets are fed in the hopper, so no issues in the flame management. The oven reaches 400°C in 15 minutes but in 30 seconds the crust is puffed and bubbles browned. The oven space is sufficient to slide the skewer tray, make naan bread, and glide slab of steak. Fyra includes a cover making transporting and storing this compact oven easy.

Buyers even look for BBQs that works as a grill, smoker, and oven. Kamado Joe UK is a brand popular for innovation. Its Classic I has brought affordability to the ceramic Kamado niche, while Classic II highlights special features like airlift hinge, fiberglass gasket, and weather-resistant Kontrol tower, which enhances its ease of use and durability.

The same features available in Classic I and II designs are ceramic shells along with ceramic grates, a 2-level divide & conquer system, AMP firebox, and slide-out ash drawer. The charcoal-fuelled KJ Classic I and II has a cooking capacity of 256 sq. inches in the basic setup. Both differ a little in dimension but weigh 188 lbs.

Both KJ Classic I & II are the same their optional accessories are also similar. JoeTisserie transforms the KJ into turning spit automatically. iKamand allows controlling smoke and temperature levels via smartphone. The grill expander adds an extra rack and there are others like a deep-dish pizza stone, soapstone non-stick surface, ceramic pizza stone, and cast ironwork.

BBQs 2U have a Facebook page, where followers share their pizza party stories. They even talk about how countless hours were spent on online research or pay visits to showrooms when finally, they connected with the team at BBQs 2U.

Enjoy restaurant-quality Neapolitan pizza at home with family and friends with ideal wood-fuel grills or oven. BBQs 2U is aware that BBQuing experience is insufficient without specialized tools like cast iron boards, pizza peels, brush, modular tables, infrared thermometer, etc. Choose the best flour to prepare superb pizza dough and even make a complimentary pizza sauce to layer the preferred toppings!

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