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Best Practices and Responsibilities of Florida’s Liquor Vendors

Selling liquor is a goldmine for a café, restaurant, bar, nightclubs, stores or malls. To gain the privilege of alcohol sales, you need to get a liquor license. It is a long, grueling, and expensive process. Expect to spend plenty of resources like time, effort, and money on preparing necessary documents and paperwork.

If you are planning to open a bar or liquor shop in Florida, contact experienced Beverage License Specialists. The team has been helping the local customers buy a liquor license Fort Lauderdale FL. Customers can easily navigate through the regulatory and statutory requirements with less delay in getting a Florida liquor license.

With a lot of effort and expense, no one will desire to lose their liquor license. Below are some best practices for Florida’s responsible liquor vendors.

Always have updated liquor license

You cannot cut corners because liquor laws are extremely harsh. If you keep your business running without keeping your liquor license renewed, it can be legally calamitous. There are two kinds of liquor licenses.

  1. On-license – Businesses like bars and restaurants sell alcohol for consumption on-premises.
  2. Off-license – Businesses like alcohol stores and malls that sell liquor to be taken elsewhere for consumption.

Never sell to minors

In the US, the legal alcohol consumption age is 21. If you are found selling liquor to an underage the consequence for the first time is a fine of $1,000 and a license suspension for a week. A second offense can trigger a fine of $3,000 and a license suspension of one month. The third felony can revoke your liquor license.

Therefore, ensure that your staff knows about the kinds of acceptable IDs and even the difference between real or fake.

Ongoing employee training

Liquor vendor’s responsibility is to consistently educate employees regarding responsible sales. Moreover, re-educate them about ways to deal with specific scenarios. In this way, they stay focused to maintain responsible behavior.

The possibility that the employees will engage in carelessly and position your business in danger decreases. The training session must not just include discussions about alcohol sales to minors but also be taught things like –

  • How to handle highly intoxicated customers?
  • Steps to eliminate alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.
  • Reduce alcohol-related mortalities.
  • How to become a more liable sales rep of the alcohol sector?

Post policies in noticeable areas

Besides educating your employees about responsible behavior and vending norms, it is also crucial to post house policies for the customers. Make sure to post house policies in visible spots, where customers can see and read clearly.

Following these best practices will help reduce the chances of revoking your business license!

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