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Christmas festive season is a time for fun and enjoyment. Nothing can fill the gap best like a cocktail. Cocktail making is an art that can be achieved with determination and the right equipment available. When buying, check the total pieces within a bartender kit. For basic needs, a smaller kit of 12 pieces will be the best. For professional and complex needs, 23 pieces per set will be the best. 


Cock Shaker

 It is the primary requirement. Outsource a simple shaker to avoid creating a mess plus embarrassment before your guests. 


To come up with a perfect recipe, all you need is a jigger for measuring the ingredients. They are of different sizes, but 25ml and 50 ml are the key ones. A good jigger must be marked appropriately for perfect results.

 Mixing spoon 

Mostly packed in the bartender kit and used for staring. 

 Liquor Pourer

 It is not a necessity in home bar accessories but comes in handy when having guests. 

Mojito muddler

It is a pestle-like gadget to crush fruits or herbs before shaking. It is part of The cocktail set. Therefore saves you the hustle of improvising. 

Booklet plus Bag

A good set has all the bartender tools plus a storage bag and eBook recipes booklet to let your guest have a fantastic experience. A bartender travel kit bag with a complete set will be the best to carry on those outdoor trips you’ve planned. Enjoy with friends with a cocktail like a profession. The organizing barware tool keeps bar tools neat and does not cluster in the cabinet. 


Hawthorn Strainer 

It sieves large particles of ice fruit and other detritus in your drink after shanking. Mainly placed on top of cocktail shakers or mixing glasses.

Fine strainer 

To get a quality drink and smooth cocktail by using a fine strainer. It removers the smaller particle left by the hawthorn strainer. Professionally enjoy your drink with no ice particles floating, which is a put-off.

Mixing glass or tin

As the name suggests is a cup-like tool used for stirring a cocktail. It’s mainly available in most of the cocktail sets. However, it can be improvised from kitchen appliances. The most reliable bartender kit involves the cocktail equipment and a boost of long stem glass holder a wine cock storage not limited to a whisky decanter, and many more.



This festive season is an excellent chance to gift the cocktail lovers with the cocktail set and put a smile on the recipient’s face. With the recipe catalog, the holiday will be worthy of remembering.


The set is stainless steel and color coated. Forget about rusting.  

They are hand wash only to avoid scratches on the surface. All home bar accessories will last longer when taken care of well and give you a service of a lifetime.


Get a life warrant after purchasing as the products are of high quality.

Free shipping 

For the festive season, free shipping is available and delivered within the shortest period. 

With the limited movement due to Corona restrictions, buy the bartender kit, and enjoy giving your family a memorable experience this festive season at the comfort of your home.

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