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Foie gras Delicacies that Will Leave Your Guests Drool for More

Foie Gras is an exquisite delicacy and a luxury food, the origin of which could date back to the traditional Egyptian cuisine brought back to world by France. The creamy delicate fattened duck liver is enjoyed worldwide for its buttery taste, smooth texture, and rich nutritional content.

While foie gras and French restaurants go hand in hand. This delicious produce is now very popular in international gourmet kitchens as well. If your local stores do not supply authentic foie gras produce, you can always purchase it online from Foie Gras Gourmet. They ship their products internationally and ensure that the best quality produce reaches their customers.

Cooking tips with Foie Gras

It is such a versatile and rich ingredient that anyone who is fond of luxurious and gourmet meals would love to cook with it. However, it is a delicate and fragile produce and one must be diligent while cooking a meal with it. Some tips that could help you in preparing a delicious Foie gras meal for your guests are:

  • You can store this produce in your refrigerator and open it somewhat around 20-30 minutes before cooking or when you have unexpected guests at your home.
  • Cut the liver into smaller portions to ensure even cooking especially when you are pan frying it.
  • To make perfect looking slices of the liver; keep heating your knife with running water after cutting each slice.
  • Also ensure that the delicious liver is cooled down to room temperature otherwise it will break apart when you are slicing before final plating.
  • Foie gras must be cooked on smoking hot pan so that the fat is rendered immediately for best taste.
  • Keep cooking time to a maximum of 1 minute per side.
  • Resting the cooked foie gras is equally important before you prepare or cut it for serving.

Let us look at some delicious Foie Gras meals that you can prepare with much ease in your own kitchen:

1.     Hazelnut candies made with Foie Gras:

All you need for make these appealing candies is some hazelnut kernels and cooked Foie Gras with some Fleur de sel. Coat small balls of foie gras with the fleur and refrigerate it before coating it with ground roasted hazelnut and chill it again before serving.

2.     Figs and foie gras:

This is a delicious combination and can be used in multiple ways in your recipes. You can make chutney with figs or keep them fresh or use figs as a glaze for cooking your foie gras. Add mustard, salt, and pepper for flavouring. In addition, you can also coat the liver pieces with sesame for a sumptuous looking meal.

3.     Add foie gras to your salads:

  • Slice the cooked foie gras and place it on your salad bowl along with green beans, marinated peppers, toasted nuts, and lettuce. Flavour this salad with a light dressing and some hazelnut oil.

Foie gras is a very flexible ingredient and you can find out creative ways to use in your meals to enhance its taste as well as the luxurious appeal. It will definitely impress your guests and leave them wanting for more.

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