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Guide to Vietnamese Cuisine

The small country of Vietnam is nestled in steamy Southeast Asia, around 1,000 miles in length and just 35 miles in width, but has its own unique culinary tradition. Like, many other countries, even people in Vietnam love food, and might be that is one of the reasons Vietnamese food has become quite popular all over the world.

Vietnamese food is naturally healthy cuisine, but along with that, each preparation is an explosion of flavors. So, the best part of their cuisine when eaten at the best restaurants like Hanoi Hannah is – you have a feeling that you have eaten something spectacular, but at the same time had consumed very few calories. Therefore, if you want any information and reservation of this most popular Vietnamese restaurant, visit their website – https://vol2.hanoihannah.com.au/.

Healthful cuisine

In Vietnamese food, cilantro is virtually added to all dishes. And it contains anti-bacterial compounds, along with having dietary fiber, magnesium, and cholesterol-lowering properties as well.

Another popular and healthy herb is red chili, in Vietnamese tradition it is considered great for the cardiovascular system and blood. Most Vietnamese dishes served in the best restaurants like the Hanoi Hannah are quite low in calories but pretty high in plenty of healthful nutrients.

Bigger flavors

Generally, while Asian cooking typically uses several flavorful spices and herbs, in Vietnam there might be limited choices, but enhanced and bigger flavors. The main reason for this is, herbs in their dishes are not just there to enhance the food preparations, but they are the main ingredients themselves.

If you talk about a traditional Vietnamese dinner spread, it always has a big bowl of salad having intense flavorful herbs like coriander called ‘rau ram’, Vietnam mint, green and red perilla, and they are in good quantity. The typical meal in Vietnam is brimming with huge chunks of fresh herbs which are cut and added to each individual bowl.

But it is not only flavors that are an integral part of the Vietnamese table, you will even find foods especially chosen for their various health benefits as well.

The main attraction is not meat

Another obvious reason Vietnamese food tends to be quite low in calories and fat, is that in most Vietnamese cooking, meat is often used more like a condiment and not part of main course. Meat is generally cut into thin slices or strips, soaked in a simple prepared marinade which can contain lemongrass, shallots, and fish sauce, after grilling it quickly, it is brought in warm clay pots to your table. One thing that you will find less in Vietnamese food is excess fat. This cuisine is great for people who diet as several food dishes are served separately, thus allowing you to blend the foods, and it is up to the eater, how much they want to dip in sauces served along with them.

If you are looking for the best restaurant for Vietnamese cuisine, visit Hanoi Hannah, and for menu options, you can even visit their website – https://vol2hanoihannah.com.au/. You would not find anywhere such comparable devotion to aroma and flavor, just pleasure in each bite.

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