Hongthanh Restaurant

Trying Classic Vietnamese Food is an Experience in Itself.

Visiting a restaurant is the best way to enjoy delicious food and fantastic wines, with your loved ones. Not only do you get to enjoy visually appealing food, but also get to try new varieties. If you struggle to make your children try new cuisine, visiting a restaurant is the best way to encourage them to build up their palate to new tastes.

Moreover, enjoying food with your loved ones at a restaurant is very convenient and allows you to spend distraction-free time together. It is nice to take a break from cooking at times and trying out new food or your favorite food, amidst beautiful décor, great music, and friendly service. If you love eating out and are looking to try an impeccable taste cuisine that has a wide variety of dishes made with several flavors and healthy goodness, you must try a Vietnamese restaurant.

Authentic Vietnamese food is unique and has an indescribable flavor that makes the dishes taste richer. When you want to try Vietnamese food, look for a restaurant that specializes in it. Do not hesitate to ask the restaurant staff to help you with choosing the dishes. You must try a steaming bowl of Vietnamese soup, popularly known as Pho, a noodle soup. It is mouthwatering and unique, as you can customize it according to your preference. Translucent and delicious rice paper rolls contain chicken, tuna, etc., and depending on the restaurant, are often served with a complementing sauce. The spring rolls, are highly flavorful and are commonly eaten as an appetizer.

Try the Best of Vietnamese Cuisine in a Friendly and Pleasant Atmosphere.


Trying out Vietnamese cuisine is an experience in itself. Just in case, you want to treat your friends and family with Vietnamese food, you must try out Hanoi Hannah Vol. II, the best place for dining Vietnamese at Windsor in Melbourne. It has established itself as the perfect place to celebrate all of life’s important moments together, be it a first date, a hangout with friends, or a treat for your children, with fresh and flavorful Vietnamese food.

Hanoi Hannah Vol. II boasts of a lip-smacking menu. There are plenty of options such as the popular Vietnamese soup Pho, and everyone’s favorite rolls such as Chicken Rice Paper Rolls, Grilled Asparagus Rice Paper Rolls, and Vegetable Spring Rolls for Vegetarians, Peking Duck Rice Paper Rolls, and a lot more. The vast drinks menu has a decent variety of cocktails such as Hanoi Mojito, Cherry Fiesta, and a lot more. They serve tap beers, Vietnamese lagers, Stone+ wood pacific ale, and more.

The place has a very friendly and lively vibe to it. The chef prepares the food with a lot of love and the serving staff does a great job at making you feel welcome and comfortable. As per your convenience, you can try its Take Away service too.

Vietnamese cuisine is popular all over the globe for its lip-smacking taste, and to try it in a fun and friendly atmosphere, you must visit Hanoi Hannah Vol. ll.

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